sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

21thc Alice (1st draft)

Alice loves the quietness of her fragile microcosm, lost somewhere in the entrails of the huge capitalist city. The door of the courtyard is closed. The fuss from the outside cannot penetrate. No mechanical sound is disrupting the calm. No horn resonating in her head. Only the discontinuous trembling of the floor reminds her of the civilization.
The courtyard is divided in two parts by a narrow corridor. Each side is filled by two small and austere dwellings. Wooden curtains hang out from windows and main doors. They keep its inhabitants save from neighbor's inquisitive glances.
The far wailing of a baby makes Alice aware of the presence of other humanoids. She leaves her refuge and starts climbing the step that communicates the courtyard with the terrace. She suddenly stops and turns off his head to glance the place.The cold façades made of cheap plaster become luminous, the corridor spacious and the pollution of the air disappears. Alice closes her eyes and breathes deeply. The soft smell of flowers penetrates her nostrils while the suffocating sun caresses her skin...(to be continued?)