sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2012


It's a cloudy night. No stars brighting in the sky. Just the shy light of the full moon. The cold is penetrating my skin. My extremities begin to stiff and my face becames pale. The blood in my veins loses its flluidity and turns into a dense liquid. I feel the weight of a corpse which resigned to live, tired of wandering trough an agonizing world.

(no recuerdo cuando lo escribí, lo acabo de encontrar por el PC)

Like an automaton

Sometimes things are too ephemeral. They erase before you could feel them deeply. 

Today I saw the joy in their faces.They where so near but so far away. Smiling faces,tender embraces.The serenity of someone who had found the path. I felt so lost,so stupid for thinking I could be one of them.

I was an spectator sitting in the unconfortable chair of an old cinema watching a film scene. An invisible barrier separated us.They where the fortunate  ones. I was the fallen one.Lost hope again.

The child was looking at me.He tried to hide himself. I felt so cold. Mi nerves paralized. I  was unable to articulate any sweet word  for the little child.Just like an automaton.